Why We Exist

People taller than 190 cm (6’ 3”) often have problems finding basic garments with great fit. It’s usually a compromise between width and length, which can only end in frustration. This is nothing new. The fashion industry have mostly focused on the chest and waist circumference of its customers, almost forgetting about the fact that the height of a person differ just as much, if not more.

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We’re not first, but we are different

So Long Sven is not the first fashion brand to realize this problem. There are about a dozen brands that come from the same background. At the same time each one differ in sizing, quality and design, and so do we.

So Long Sven garments are always manufactured with high quality material, chosen with extreme care by us. We love fabrics, stitching techniques and all aspects of tailored clothing. No details are left out, which is why we sometime miss our initial deadlines. We know that our customers prefer a great product tomorrow rather than an decent one today.

To make a long story short: We make high quality clothes for tall men.

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This is So Long Sven

The Long Story

In 2013 I sold my apartment in Stockholm, quit my 9-to-5 and booked a one-way ticket to India, to fulfill my dream of creating a basic white t-shirt that would fit my 6'11" skinny body. The idea was to create a batch of 25-50 pieces, solely for my own use. I soon realised that there had to be more people out there looking for the same thing. And like me, they would probably like to have longer sweatshirts, slim fit button down shirts and more basic clothing, all tall. I needed to create something bigger!

My friends lived in New Delhi at the time and had a room for rent. In New Delhi, everyone has an "uncle" in the garment industry, making it an ideal place to start searching for the best tailors and knitted fabric manufacturers.

I found an good agent that helped me work with factories and garment suppliers, and after a couple of months we were done. It took numerous sample-feedback-adjust-rounds to cross the finish line, and my idea had grown from creating something for myself to an entire clothing brand.

The dream I had started to call "So Long Sven" had become reality.

The name

It's a play on words. Quitting my job and travelling abroad got me thinking "Goodbye, Sweden", or "So Long, Sweden". As a tall man I'm used to people telling me "you're so tall". As a tall, Swedish, man I decided to combine these two things and came up with So Long Sven.

What's with the hand?

When greeting someone across the road, or waving goodbye to an entire country from an airplane, you would probaly use your hand. The hand symbolises a friendly wave, saying "Hi there!" or "Farewell my friend".

But who is Sven?

First of all, Sven is a typical Swedish name. The Sven of So Long Sven is a combination of people I have met in my life, that all influenced me in some way. One could say that Sven is an image of who I want to be. Easy to approach, friendly, honest and transparent.