Sizing Information


There´s something with the perfectly fitted garment on a tall man's body. We aim to clothe the tall man, from 190 cm (6’3”) and up, from the skinny to athletically built. This means more than just making the arms and body of a regular garment longer. There are a lot of measurements that need to be taken into consideration.

Updates in sizes from May 2018

We have received a lot of feedback from our launch in December 2017, and therefore adjusted the following measurements:

  • Shortened the body length with 5 cm. The shirts are still long though!

Updates in sizes from December 2017

With new long shirts launched in December 2017, we updated the sizes a little bit:

  • Increased 4 cm to the circumference of chest and waist.
  • Decreased 7 cm to the total length. 
  • Added center folds in the back and.
  • Added double folds around the cuffs.

All of these changes are made to give you more movability when wearing (working, dancing, writing, doing dishes) the shirts. 

Fabrics shrink - we're hoping for it

It's a tricky thing to avoid. It gets especially hard when dealing with different kinds of fabrics. We have shirts in 100% cotton and 70/30% cotton/tencel blend (flannel) which will all shrink a little bit when washing. We have added room for this in our shirts, hoping you will be even more pleased after your first wash. Make sure to wash according to the care label to minimize shrinkage.

Disapointed? Happy? Concerned? Let us know!

We understand it might be tricky to get the sizes right since us tall guys have so little to compare with. If the guides below isn't enough, please email us at and we'll help you find the right size. 

Recommended Sizes

All measurements in cm.

Body Type Height (cm) Size
190 - 200 Small
200 - 210 Medium
210 - 215 Large
215 - 225 XLarge
185 - 195 Small
195 - 205 Medium
205 - 210 Large
210 - 215 XLarge

Size Measurements

Long Shirt (Go to product)

Chest (A) 56
Waist (B) 54 57 60 63
Shoulder (C) 46 48 50 52
Length (D) 91 93 95 97
Sleeve (E) 73 74 75 76
Neck (F) 40 41 42 44

All measurements in cm.

We strive for greatness and will always continue to improve our products and ourselves. Please share your feedback, comments and ideas with us at our Facebook Page, @solongsven on Instagram or to

Our garments are products of months of sampling, feedback and adjustment - over and over again.